Maximilian’s Memorial Project

Meet our little saint in Heaven

Maximilian John Pio was born Aug. 19, 2021. He is named after St. Maximilian Kolbe, St John the Baptist, and St Padre Pio. His confirmation name is St. Irenaeus. All these were great defenders of Christ and the Faith.

Maximilian was born premature at 34 weeks and from the beginning was not healthy. Maximilian was given the same cross of suffering as his deceased brothers, Xavier and Benjamin. They were all born with a genetic, peroxisomal disorder that does not allow cells to function, effecting all organs and systems especially the nervous system. Life expectancy is less than one year.

Maximilian suffered every day from this disorder. A total of nine weeks of his life were spent in the hospital with many tests, procedures and surgeries done. He was able to stay home for the last four weeks of his life under the very watchful care, love and hugs of his family. So many family and friends were able to visit and hold him. The nurse said he received more love in his short four months than most people get in their lifetime. He touched the lives of so many people. Maximilian passed away on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

How does this relate to St. Irenaeus Chapel?
On the Feast of St. Joseph, March 19, 2021, Maximilian’s father happened to be driving by the church and noticed the deteriorating conditions. He contacted city officials, found the owner, and they offered to sell it to him. Maximilian’s father prayed hard on this matter.

He saw the opportunity to rescue the building and restore it to its proper place in the adoration of Christ. He placed it in the hands of St Joseph and tried practicing patience. It wasn’t until the day Maximilian first came home that he was able to finally able to start acquiring the church.

God’s will is amazing to watch sometimes. As Maximilian’s condition and his journey of suffering began, a group of dedicated men came together to sign onto what seemed impossible six months ago in the spring. They all have the same goal: “Restore All Things in Christ.”

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
Maximilian’s innocent soul suffered. He merited more than we will ever understand.

St. Maximilian Gabbard, pray for us!

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Maximilian suffered. Suffering has merit. It will produce spiritual good for the Church.

Your contribution of time, talent and resources will help make it visible. Thank you. Mail a donation to: St. Irenaeus Chapel 2811 N 2nd Street Clinton, IA 52732 St. Irenaeus Chapel is a corporation which is incorporated under chapter 504 of the Iowa Code, and operating within meaning of 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. To offer help or ask questions, please contact: Matthew Gabbard Keith Dexter (563) 503-6377 St. Irenaeus, ora pro nobis!

Immediate goals and restoration estimates:

•Main roof, gutters ($105,000) – Partial goal met.

•HVAC ($150,000) – Received

•Steeple restoration ($150,000)

•Organ ($8,000) – Received

•Pew kneelers ($24,000) – Received

•Insulation ($110,000)

•Altar restoration ($250,000)

•Sanctuary steps and floors ($15,000)

•Pulpit and communion rail ($30,000)

•Sacristy rebuilt ($15,000)

•Stained glassed window protection ($100,000)

•Confessional ($7,000) – Received

•Bathroom doors flipped ($3,000)

•Choir loft flooring ($5,000)

•Cry room window ($600)

•Steel outdoor catwalk ($25,000)

•Basement windows ($25,000)

•Electrical upgrades ($40,000)



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