About the SSPX

The main goal of the Society of Saint Pius X is to preserve the Catholic Faith in its fullness and purity, to teach its truths, and to diffuse its virtues, especially through the Roman Catholic priesthood. Authentic spiritual life, the sacraments, and the traditional liturgy are its primary means of bringing this life of grace to souls.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions from those unfamiliar with the Society:

Am I allowed to attend an SSPX Mass?

Listen to Fr. Michael Goldade answer a question that is on the mind of many who are new to the Traditional Catholic community: “is it ok for me to attend a Mass of the Society of Saint Pius X?”    That question will get answered, and will explain why it’s actually…. good to attend.

How can the SSPX justify what it does?

Given that there is no regular canonical status for the SSPX, how then, can the priests of the Society exercise their functions?  Fr. Jonathan Loop will look at this question in two ways: first by looking at the general principles, and second, by looking at Canon Law itself.

What is the status of the SSPX?

Fr. Paul Robinson will dive into a question that is very confusing for a lot of faithful – and as you’ll see, it’s confusing for some within the Church itself – what is the official status of the Society of Saint Pius X within the Catholic Church? Is it even possible to be “not in full Communion? There is a lot of misinformation out there – let’s try to clear it up!

Must all Catholics accept Vatican II?

It has become a mandate for all Catholics to unequivocally accept all the teachings of Vatican II – as a sort of litmus test as to whether or not you’re a good Catholic. The SSPX does not accept all the teachings of Vatican II. Fr. Loop will explain why – but first we’ll start with the infallibility of the Council – are all councils infallible? Can any council be infallible? Does Vatican II meet the test of being infallible? If it does, we must accept it.

Are there limits to obedience in the face of suppression?

Are there limits to obeying a higher authority? Are traditional Catholics just being disobedient and spiteful? What can we learn from this episode about Traditionis Custodes? Take a listen with Fr. Alexander Wiseman.

Is there a crisis in the Church?

Fr. McFarland starts at the very beginning – we can’t talk about the Crisis in the Church unless we determine whether or not there actually is a crisis. We'll look at specific ways, and distinct symptoms of this crisis that is the greatest challenge the Catholic Church has ever faced.